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Fein Optic microscopes are manufactured in the same factory that makes high quality Olympus and Zeiss microscopes. The Fein Optic microscope brand utilizes high quality optics at a value price compared to the same Olympus and Zeiss microscopes. All Fein Optic microscopes include a 5-year warranty.

Olympus SZ40 Zoom Stereo Microscope
The SZ40 series offers a working distance as
long as 110mm and an extended zoom range for
continuous coverage of magnification from 0.67X to
5X. Six types of auxiliary objectives are provided,
with a variable working distance for 0.3X and
0.4X objectives, allowing connection to the bonder
or prober without disturbing the operation of the
machinery. Applications range from regular operation
and equipment mounting liquid crystal inspection
and educational training.



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