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Slide Stainers

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 Shandon X-Y Stainer

Shandon X-Y Stainer Stainer

 Shandon 24-4 Stainer


 Sakura DRS 60 Stainer

DRS 60

 Il Code-on Stainer without computer


 Leica XL Auto Stainer

Leica XL Auto Stainer (Click To Enlarge)



What's New

Sakura Tissue-Tek® DRS™2000 Slide Stainer

Sakura Tissue-Tek® DRS™2000 Slide Stainer


Info Box

Sakura Tissue-Tek® DRS™2000 Slide Stainer
Work Fast                                        
Stains up to 440 slides at a time
Works Smart
Effortlessly handles 20 programs in memory, in continuous or batch mode. User-defined names. Intelligent loading and unloading. The Process Monitor keeps track of all baskets and indicates end times.
Works Safely
Plastic staining reservoirs eliminate breakage. Integrated fume hood for operator safety.
Works Economically
Efficient operation reduces solution contamination. User-defined wash stations reduce water consumption while providing superior results.
Designed Compatibility
Stain and coverslip using the same basket. Saves time. More convenient.



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