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Tissue Processors

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 Sakura VIP 3000 Bench top - fully refurbished!

Sakura VIP 3000

 Sakura VIP 2000 Bench top - fully refurbished!

 Sakura VIP 2000

 Sakura VIP5

Sakura VIP5

 Sakura VIP E150


 Sakura VIP6

Sakura VIP6



What's New

Tissue-Tek VIP E150



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Modular design, configurable to your lab. Available in traditional bench-top or floor models.
Flexible, self-calculating delay mode coordinates completion of processing to enhance workflow.
Computer monitors all steps in processing sequence - safeguarding your specimens and protecting your system.
All-station, operator-selectable control for each station; provides faster fluid exchange with all tissue samples.
Precisely located heater elements provide uniform reagent temperatures throughout the retort during processing.
Gentle tidal agitation ensures optimal reagent mixing while reducing tissue cross-contamination.
Paraffin cleansing-automatically degasses the paraffin while in the oven, eliminating additional retort cleaning cycles.
Full-screen display for complete information at a glance.
Comprehensive, easy-access control panel for complete system management.
Basket design allows upright placement of cassette specimens and fits all standard embedding consoles for greater convenience.



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